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Allan Mansell Black Ant Art Tasmanian Ab

Allan Mansell - My Story

A Celebrated Tasmanian Aboriginal Artist.

Nation:  Plangermaireenier

Allan is an original Tasmanian and hails directly from the survivors of the British invasion, who had inhabited the Island of the Furneaux Group in Bass Strait, Tasmania.

His family were the last of the Indigenous Nomadic Groups who traversed Tasmania in search of work and food without car or possessions.  Allan was later taken by the authorities and became part of the stolen generation.

Allan’s visual vocabulary takes on a very specific style and aura that encompasses the land, the flora, and fauna around him, its though he holds a genetic memory of the past.

He expresses these emblems of his past and present through exquisite compositions, conveying simplified forms of echidnas, leaves, ants, snakes, birds and more.

Generally, his art tells a story of what was, what is now and what can happen.

Allan‘s work has been sold all over the world and hangs in prestigious venues in Europe and America.  

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