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Black Ant Art News

Black Ant Art and Tasmanian Aboriginal Artist Allan Mansell 

Palawa Connection
Stories and Printmaking Demonstration with Allan Mansell at the Henry Jones Art Hotel.

Glebe Hill Village , Howrah

Be amazed by the stunning art work of Allan Mansell at Glebe Hill Village, on a canopy that is 64.8 metres long.

His work tells the story of local flora and fauna which was the food supply for the First Nations people.

IMG_1816 (002).jpg
IMG_1820 (002).jpg
IMG_1822 (002).jpg
IMG_1819 (002).jpg

The Crowther Project appears to be ongoing

Miriam Margolyes and her crew came to Allan’s home to discuss “ Do all Australians get a fair go “

She saw the publicity that surrounded the Crowther project and she met Allan on site undertaking the reinterpretation and was amazed by the truth telling in relation to what actually happened.

“ We enjoyed hosting Miriam and her film crew at our place on Bruny Island and  look forward to seeing the show in the second half of this year”.

Miriam Margolyes.jpg
Miriam Margolyes2.jpg

Black Ant Art Print Workshops will come to you
Allan Mansell, a professional, Tasmanian Aboriginal artist/printmaker: Black Ant Art - has been holding print workshops throughout schools in Tasmania teaching students printmaking and cultural understandings. Contact us to discuss our workshops 

Allan exposes the brutal truth

The controversial William Crowther statue in Hobart 's Franklin Square has been converted into a 'tribute' to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, with local indigenous artist Allan Mansell unveiling his new temporary art piece which transforms the statue into a representation of the last full blooded Tasmanian Aboriginal man William Lanne.

Allan and Statue.jpg
Allan and Statue 3.jpg
Allan and Statue 2.JPG


New Commission for the Mersey Community Hospital in Latrobe.

Allan l has won a commission to paint murals on the columns of the helipad at the Mersey Community Hospital in Latrobe.

A huge effort with the columns being 9 metres high, he is being assisted by Cheryl Rose, another respected and talented Tasmanian Aboriginal Artist.


The work is titled In Flight and features Yolla
( mutton birds or shear waters)  soaring over the cliffs as night falls.

IMG_1791 (002).jpg
IMG_1793 (002).jpg
IMG_1792 (002).jpg
Banners on Town Hall 2 (003).jpg
Hobart City Council Action Plan  
Allan recently completed a commission for the Hobart City Council for The Reconciliation Action Plan and his images are beginning to appear on banners around the city of Hobart. 
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