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Black Ant Art - Allan Mansell - Yulla Journey

Yulla Journey


This image is a story about the journey from one end of Tasmania to the other.  The red dots represent the camp fire, the footsteps are the Aboriginal people.

The six leaves represent the 6 months of travel.

The line in the middle is the track.

The story of the journey is the red dot at the bottom of the image, Hobart and the next dot is Oatlands and then the next dot is Launceston, the next Burnie and then Smithton.

At each stop we collect men and women for mutton birding and a verbal agreement is negotiated on wages, labour and time.


Paper size: 650 x 260


This is sold unframed.  Framing is available on request.

Free shipping for unframed product to an address in Australia

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